Our Services

Juice Testing for Winemakers

NaPro offers packages designed to improve your winemaking decisions. Results will guide you through the juice, fermentation, filtration, and bottling. 

Method Development

We help farmers find solutions.  We are not afraid of the hard problems in plant chemistry and metabolism and look forward to bringing out the best in your crop, even if nobody else  has done it.

Secondary Metabolites

When secondary metabolite production is your primary concern, the scientists and engineers at Napro should be your first line of support. We understand all the major pathways and their optimization.

Specialty Produce 

From fragrant herbs to micro-greens, Napro has the expertise to bring out the best in your specialty produce business.  From custom nutrient  regimens to packing solutions, we understand what your crop needs..

Hops Testing for Brewers

NaPro provides an extensive array of hop testing services including alpha & beta acids, Hop Storage Index, essential oil content and moisture/dry matter analysis. 


When you work with plants that produce unusual metabolites, it can be challenging to find real scientists with which to work.  At NaPro, no molecule or metabolite frightens our team of seasoned professionals.

Time Course Studies

What defines perfect ripeness?  For many crops, it's a matter of opinion, but at NaPro, it's a matter of time.  Our time course analysis allows you to pinpoint when your best is at its best.

Nutrient Analysis

Are your plants really getting what they need to produce their best?  At NaPro, we combine horticultural expertise and chemistry to find out what your crops really want to eat and when they really have reached their peak.